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Stain & Odour Removal

Experience the expertise of Mildura Carpet Cleaning for Stain and Odour Removal! We recognise that accidents are bound to happen, and some stains and odours can be downright stubborn. That’s precisely why we use the latest advancements in cleaning techniques and  to conquer even the toughest of challenges.

Our team of skilled professionals will conduct a thorough assessment, and come up with a plan of action to remove stains and odours. 

Rest assured, we prioritise the well-being of your carpets and upholstery. Whether you’re dealing with pet stains, red wine spills, coffee mishaps, or more, our comprehensive stain and odour removal services have got you covered. We cater to both residential and commercial properties.

Don’t let lingering stains and odours tarnish your carpets or upholstery any longer! Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment, and allow us to unleash our expertise, rejuvenating your carpets and upholstery to their original state. **We cannot guarantee the complete removal of all stains, get in touch with us to see if we can help.


Look no further than MCC for all your stain removal needs in Mildura. We excel in eliminating those pesky stains from couches, sofas, carpets, dining chairs, and rugs. Some stains, such as wine, pet urine, and vomit, demand expert care to ensure effective removal. Acting swiftly is key to prevent stains from setting and becoming more challenging to tackle. If you require urgent assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional stain cleaners. Our team will thoroughly assess the stain and employ the most suitable techniques to eradicate it. Rest assured, we are dedicated to delivering efficient and highly effective stain removal services.

Get in touch with us today to secure your appointment and bid farewell to those stubborn stains!

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Experience freshness with our Odour Removal Services in Mildura. Lingering odours can be a real headache when it comes to carpets or furniture. DIY remedies often fall short, leaving you frustrated. That’s why it’s time to enlist the help of professionals. Our skilled team are the experts in effectively treating and eliminating a wide array of odours, ranging from smoke and spilled milk to rotten food, aromatic spices, pet-related scents, and damp carpets. These stubborn odours require specialised treatment, and our experts are equipped to deliver just that.

Don’t endure the discomfort of unpleasant odours any longer. Reach out to us today, and let us provide you with the perfect solution to your odour predicament.


Unpleasant odours caused by spilled milk or rotting food can quickly permeate your property, while regular cooking with aromatic spices can leave a lasting impact on your home’s aroma. When it comes to eliminating these stubborn odours, it’s essential to rely on the expertise of a trained technician.


When carpets become damp, it creates an ideal environment for mould growth, resulting in unpleasant odours. Whether it’s caused by storms, flooding, spills, or ineffective cleaning attempts, addressing the issue is crucial for both your carpet’s condition and your health. Mould can contribute to respiratory problems like asthma. At Mildura Carpet Cleaning, we understand the significance of tackling these odours with specialised treatment. 


The offensive and persistent odour left behind by cigarette or fire smoke can be a real challenge to eliminate from your property, upholstery, or car interior. But fear not! Our team of MCC professionals is well-equipped to tackle this issue effectively and restore freshness to your surroundings. Say goodbye to those stubborn smells with our trusted expertise.


Our furry friends are cherished members of many Australian families, but their presence can often result in lingering scents on carpets and couches. Fortunately, our exceptional pet odour removal service is here to save the day and ensure a harmonious household for you and your beloved pets. Say goodbye to unwanted pet odours and hello to a fresher, happier home environment.

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